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“Wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on.” That’s the Thought Clothing mantra that reminds us to look after what we own.

Thought Clothing is a sustainable English brand that strongly believes in slow fashion: this is why its garments are made to last over time.

The brand works according to ethical principles and is committed to minimizing its own footprint on the environment. Infact each company phase takes place in an ethical and sustainable manner.

“Wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on.” That’s the Thought Clothing mantra that reminds us to look after what we own.

English brand with Australian roots

The story of Thought Clothing begins in 1995 in Australia, from the desire to combine together beauty and natural clothes. With this concept in mind, the first men’s capsule collection was born: sustainable men’s beachwear made of natural hemp.

In 2002 the brand landed in London, with pop-up stores in Portobello Road and Camden Lock market. The first shops began to order the Thought Clothing collection.

In 2005 the sustainable brand opened its first offices, their website and launched the women’s collection.

Originally the brand was called Braintree Clothing, which became Thought Clothing in 2017, a name that reflects the evolution and sustainability values of the brand.

Today Thought Clothing has a team of 30 people, all committed to creating a contemporary and sustainable fashion.

The force of nature: natural fabrics

Thought Clothing uses fabrics coming from responsible sources, that respect the environment and the health of workers. Bamboo, cotton, wool and hemp are free of pesticides and chemicals, and even softer and more durable than the non-organic fabrics themselves.

The brand’s innovative spirit and the expansion of the collections lead Thought Clothing to always look for new fabrics to use, such as tencel and modal, loved by the brand for their ecological characteristics and softness.

Thought Clothing fabrics are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring sustainable processes at every stage of production.

Bamboo fabric is soft, silky and breathable. Bamboo grows very quickly, no chemical are needed for its growth and it uses minimal resources.

Cultivated and woven in full respect of the environment, hemp gives rise to a very resistant but at the same time soft fabric. Over time, washing after washing, this fabric becomes even softer, but its strength remains intact. It is also hypoallergenic, resistant to UV rays, thermo regulating and completely biodegradable.
Growing hemp requires a minimum use of water: even in the case of drought, it grows in just 4 months. Thanks of its characteristics, hemp has been used for over 2 centuries and by 1800 it was already widely present in the textile industry.

The wool used by Thought Clothing comes from ethical and sustainable breeding, it is 100% natural and comfortable to wear.

Thought Clothing uses only 100% organic cotton for its garments, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard internal link). Organic cotton is respectful of the planet and for your health. 
The GOTS certification not only guarantees an organic production, but also ensures an ethical working standard, with adequate wages and the absence of child labour.
The seeds of conventional cotton are usually treated even before they are sown with chemicals and pesticides. Instead, organic cotton seeds are non treated and cotton grows naturally, enriching the soil. Organic cotton, in fact, once harvested, leaves the soil fertile and ready to be cultivated with other plantations, thus helping farmers and their families. Conventional cotton, instead, impoverishes soils due to chemicals, insecticides and pesticides used, which inevitably end up in waterways, poisoning these too.

By giving new life to plastic bottles, recycling them and regenerating them, you get an incredibly soft and resistant yarn.

The rayon used by Thought Clothing comes from recycled tree pulp. The yarn is then transformed into a soft and silky fabric that, once worn, falls harmoniously.

This fabric is made entirely from wood from sustainable sources and is particularly comfortable, fresh, silky and sophisticated.
Tencel is an excellent sustainable option and has been awarded “European Award for the Environment” by the European Union, thanks to its sustainable production. In fact, in plantations, wood is grown sustainably and uses land that is not suitable for agriculture. Furthermore, the manufacturing process takes place in a closed cycle, with 98% recovery of the solvent used.

Fair production

Thought Clothing not only cares about a sustainable supply of raw materials, but also has a high regard for people at every level of the production chain.

Sustainable fabrics come from China, and the garments are produced in Chinese factories where CO2 emissions are minimized.

It is important for the brand to maintain long-lasting relationships with its suppliers, to grow together and sharing the same vision. In fact, according to the brand, it is only together that it is possible to create new jobs, protect wages, increase capacity, as well as business.


As a sustainable business, Thought Clothing is always looking for new ways to help others, like making donations or fundraisers, supporting environmental projects or making workshops.

Thought Clothing is a founding member of Common Objective. Previously known as MySource, Common Objective is a platform that brings together fashion professionals who share sustainable and ethical values, with the aim of creating successful businesses. The platform connects brands, suppliers, retailers, private professionals, entrepreneurs and students.

Thought Clothing collaboration In kind direct

In Kind Direct is a charitable organization that receives damaged or leftover merchandise from companies of any sector. Then the organization redistributes the products to other organizations, like social enterprises and non-profit organizations. Even Thought Clothing donates its clothes, especially the unsold items.

Thought Clothing collaboration Smart Works

Smart Works is an English charity that provides to women in need clothes for professional life, style tips and teaches how to support job interviews.
Every year Thought Clothing donates its seasonal sample collection, as well as a selection of clothes from current collections, to help Smart Works in providing a wide selection of items.

Thought Clothing collaboration Traid

Traid is an organization that sells second-hand clothes and accessories, saving over 3000 tons of clothes that would otherwise be destined to landfill each year.

Traid completely reflects the mantra of Thought Clothing “Wear Me, Love Me, Pass Me On” and it is for this reason that the brand supports this organization, giving it clothes to sell each season.

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