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Money, Fashion, Power:
let's talk about the themes of Fashion Revolution Week 2022 with Barbara Trenti, founder of The Bad Seeds Company

On the occasion of Fashion Revolution Week 2022 we spoke with the representatives of some sustainable brands included in our directory to reflect together on the main themes of this edition – Money, Fashion, Power – and on how the interactions between these variables affect the fashion system. The result was an article that gathers a plurality of voices, including that of Barbara, founder of The Bad Seeds Company, a brand that has made the use of hemp its trademark and that, in general, uses only sustainable fabrics derived from crops made on European territory. An international brand, of Trentino origin, that produces all its jeans in a tailor shop in Molise, representing a sustainable excellence of Made in Italy.
You have the power to push the fashion system towards the path of sustainability: how do you convey the value of sustainable and ethical garments to consumers? From the beginning of The Bad Seeds Company, it was the materials and in particular the hemp that fascinated the consumer. We therefore started from a plant known for other properties, we incorporated in our logo the famous leaf and so it was easy to convey to the customer the value and ecological properties of hemp and the related fabrics. Made in Italy and ethical production are the principles we follow and deeply believe in. Our productions are small and therefore we are able to offer the consumer an high quality product. The Bad Seeds Company collection is timeless, for every season and fashion. Natural material is our starting point and with it we try to create garments for a lasting collection over time. Our fashion can be defined as street-style and genderless. Price tags do not convey the real value of a product: how much does it affect production? How important are the social and environmental costs? In the traditional fashion sector, still too little. The costs related to the image and positioning of the brand and the share allocated to profits have a greater impact. How are your prices made up instead, as a sustainable and ethical business? Is part of the earnings reinvested in virtuous projects? Both ecological and social costs have a major impact on the selling price. The purchase of fabrics and production in Italy are very important factors for us, included in the price. We save on marketing, but more and more consumers are looking for brands like our: thanks to this we intercept them even without expensive advertising. In general, we see a growing green awareness in consumers. An Italian production: why did you decide to invest your money here in Italy, when the general trend is relocation? We wanted to shorten the supply chain: in this way the transport distances are shortened, which is good for nature. Having a physical store in a world increasingly projected into digital… how is it going and why this decision? We opened our store in Egna (BZ) in 2020 and in this period we have been through ups and downs. We felt the need to make our product known live, in particular jeans in hemp denim or hemp/cotton. In our store the customer understands our philosophy and can see it, also because the production of some items, such as sweatshirts and t-shirts, is done right here. Why did you choose to call yourselves The Bad Seeds Company? We didn’t like The Good Seeds… BAD seemed more suitable to us!

The Bad Seeds Company store

EGNA Via Hofer Andreas, 81, 39044 Egna, BZ, Italy

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8 July 2022

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