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Money, Fashion, Power:
let's talk about the themes of Fashion Revolution Week 2022 with Jade Rozenbroek, founder of the Rozenbroek brand

On the occasion of Fashion Revolution Week 2022 we spoke with the representatives of some sustainable brands included in our directory to reflect together on the main themes of this edition – Money, Fashion, Power – and on how the interactions between these variables affect the fashion system. The result is an article that gathers a plurality of voices, including that of Jade, founder of Rozenbroek. Before founding her brand, Jade worked as a designer in the luxury fashion sector, getting a close look at all the unsustainable logics behind it. Hence the need to create a brand representing an alternative from many points of view, from materials to packaging, from energy consumption to working conditions.

You have the power to push the fashion system towards the path of sustainability: how do you convey the value of sustainable and ethical garments to consumers?
With every Rozenbroek order we send information on how to care for your garment to ensure the lowest possible footprint and lengthen the products lifecycle. From washing at 30 degree to hanging out to dry, small steps we take can help to be kind to the planet. We also offer a guarantee on our woven pieces to repair or recycle them to ensure their longevity.

Timeless staples over trends: how do you define the aesthetics of your brand? Quality over quantity: which materials characterize your collections?
We call our pieces “Wardrobe essentials” and rather than releasing seasonal collections we slowly add to our product range to demand. We don’t believe in making sustainable high fashion pieces that are then discarded, instead we make clothing that transcends seasons and lasts. Most of our clothing is made from cotton or bamboo fibres and all is organic.

Price tags do not convey the real value of a product: how much does it affect production? How important are the social and environmental costs? In the traditional fashion sector, still too little. The costs related to the image and positioning of the brand and the share allocated to profits have a greater impact. How are your prices made up instead, as a sustainable and ethical business? Is part of the earnings reinvested in virtuous projects?
We have set up our own factory so that we can ensure fair wages and working conditions. Cutting out the middle man means we can offer a product from sustainable materials, made in England, to order product at a fair price. Our factory is run by solar energy and we have a small team of ladies who see each garment individually rather than on a mass scale. We also use all of our small bits of fabric and recycle the scraps. Our whole supply chain has been broken down and remade to create the most sustainable product in the best way.

How do you keep your ecological footprint as low as possible?
By producing in our own factory, ordering fabric and supplies as locally as possible and making with solar energy.

Jade, we read that you have worked for big fashion brands from Versace to Burberry to Marc Jacobs: this has led you to ask yourself questions about the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and the lack of sustainable choices for the aware consumer, can you tell us more about your experience?
When I was working in the luxury sector it was very difficult to make the shift to sustainable products as the market did not have the technology or supplies to make the change. I left to research the best options for this and that is how Rozenbroek was born. Since then a lot more sustainable brands have come along and therefor the fabric and trim developments also. We have come so far in such a short time but there is still so far to go.

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We try and utilise all of the small offcuts of fabric that would usually be discarded, as to keep them out of landfill. Our tote bags, scrunches and zero waste bras are a testimony to how we operate in our factory and how we truly strive to reduce waste.

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13 April 2022

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