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A real fashion revolution, the one of RE-BELLO, for those who really want to make a difference and a positive change

RE-BELLO is a sustainable women’s and men’s fashion brand, founded in Bolzano in 2012.
RE-BELLO’s collections are characterized by a strong and sustainable style, suitable for conscious consumers who want to make, with their purchase, a positive impact on the environment.

The brand name RE-BELLO, means “revolution of beautiful”: “RE” stands for “revolution” and “BELLO” in Italian means “beautiful”.

RE-BELLO strongly believes that every single action that respects nature leads to a positive change. For this reason, sustainable materials and yarns are carefully selected by the brand.

A real fashion revolution, the one of RE-BELLO, for those who really want to make a difference and a positive change

RE-BELLO’s sustainable fashion

RE-BELLO was born with the idea of revolutionizing the fashion system. Three are the creative minds behind the brand: Daniel Tocca, Daniel Sperandio and Emanuele Bacchin.
The idea of founding a sustainable brand came in 2010 to Daniel Tocca, who was an entrepreneurial and business student in The Netherlands. Passionate about fashion, Daniel realized how the wide choice of sustainable clothing in Rotterdam lacked of design and style; it was also very expensive. From here the idea of creating his own sustainable fashion brand, both beautiful and accessible to all.

The first collection of the brand, composed by t-shirts and sweatshirts made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton, immediately obtained a positive response, also leading to the arrival of the first investors.

In 2014, the business grew and the customers asked the brand to diversify the collections. RE-BELLO recruited Ivana Omazic, an important fashion designer, as Art Director. With her, the RE-BELLO sustainable collections became complete outfits.

The brand image is now well defined: sustainability, responsibility and transparency combined with beauty, innovation and design.

RE-BELLO’s commitment to using eco-sustainable fibers, and the constant researches, brings the brand to continuous growth in innovation and excellence.

eco fashion RE-BELLO

European production

RE-BELLO produces its sustainable clothes in Europe and looks for raw materials as close as possible to its producers. The Italian production is concentrated between Lombardy and Veneto, while abroad it is located in Greece and Turkey.

Choosing European suppliers also means being able to personally control the real conditions of workers and therefore guarantee fair working conditions.

The value of transparency

To be even more transparent and ethical, on the website of the brand it is possible to enter the code of the purchased garment and trace the product. In this way you will be able to discover where the garment comes from and who made it.


RE-BELLO is present in 100 multi-brand stores in Italy and is also active in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, France, Spain, as well as Japan, Singapore and America.

Raw materials: sustainability and innovation

The fashion system is one of the most polluting sectors in the world. There are many causes, including the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, water pollution, land impoverishment and so on.
RE-BELLO instead believes in a totally sustainable production and evaluates the environmental impact of each fiber and production process, from cultivation to the finished garment, adopting innovative techniques.
With the aim of minimizing the environmental impact, RE-BELLO evaluates the most effective and sustainable solution, respecting nature.

The beech fiber is naturally soft and light and originates a soft and silky fabric. The beech wood used by RE-BELLO is produced by Lenzing Company, through a sustainable production process that recovers most of the waste material. The wood comes from the Austrian Alps, an area with large abundance of beech trees. Here are located all the stages of the spinning process. Raw material and production processes in the same place lead to an important saving of energy resources, allowing also to maintain the production in Europe.
Modal Edelweiss® fiber, as renamed by the manufacturer, is a completely sustainable fiber. Organic Content Standard and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certify that the fabric is organic and free of harmful substances.

Regenerated nylon comes from pre and post-consumer nylon waste, collected from landfills or abandoned in the sea, recovered and regenerated.
The nylon yarn used by RE-BELLO is produced by Aquafil S.p.A., an Italian company that owns the ECONYL® system.
ECONYL® yarn is 100% recycled nylon, with the same characteristics as virgin nylon and, in addition, it can be regenerated, recreated and remodelled continuously. For this reason its production is called circular.
Producing this yarn means recovering waste materials and therefore saving the raw material, usually used for virgin nylon, all in favor of the environment. ECONYL®, in fact, manages to reduce its impact on global warming by 80%, compared to the common nylon produced from oil.

From the bamboo it is possible to obtain a very soft, resistant and light fabric.
Growing this plant has many environmental advantages compared to other crops. Bamboo grows very fast, consumes 1/3 of water (rainwater is sufficient) compared to other plantations and, once harvested, grows independently. The bamboo forests are very thick and tall: one hectare of bamboo procures 60 tons of wood, while a forest procures 20 tons and cotton only 2 tons. Moreover, compared to other plantations, it generates 35% more oxygen, absorbing 62 tons of CO2 per hectare.
However, the fiber extraction phase takes place chemically; for this reason the brand has decided to mix it with organic cotton (30% bamboo – 70% organic cotton), trying to keep, as far as possible, a low environmental impact.
The bamboo used by RE-BELLO is certified by the Organic Content Standard and Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which guarantee the organic nature of the fabric and the absence of harmful substances.

Once again RE-BELLO relies on the Austrian company Lenzing, for the supply of Tencel®, a sustainable fiber made of eucalyptus wood.
The eucalyptus fabric is very resistant, antibacterial, non-irritating, soft, and warm in winter and cool in summer.
As for the cultivation phase, this plant is similar to bamboo: it grows quickly, without the use of chemicals and it needs little water. It also has a 10 times higher yield than cotton.
The fiber extraction process is completely sustainable and takes place with non-polluting enzymes (N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide) instead of the normally used chemical enzymes. Furthermore, the process takes place in a closed cycle, with almost a total recovery of solvents and water used.
The eucalyptus fabric is certified by the Organic Content Standard, which certifies the organic nature of the product, and by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which guarantees the absence of harmful substances in all phases of the fabric production.

Leather tanning is a very harmful practice for the environment, with the use of toxic and polluting substances.
RE-BELLO uses Olivander® sustainable leather for its collections, which adopts an ecological tanning method, using a natural enzyme extracted from olive leaves. This treatment also makes the leather soft and biodegradable.
The leather used by the brand is a waste of the meat industry and comes from outdoor farms.

The PET used by RE-BELLO is produced entirely in Italy, in Biella, in a historical spinning mill: this is where Newlife ™ is born.
This polyester yarn is 100% recycled from post-consumer plastic bottles, collected and processed in Italy. Once the polymer has been created, through a mechanical and non-chemical process, it is converted into a high performance and high quality recycled polyester threads.
The entire production process is Made in Italy and ecological, in total harmony and respect with nature.

RE-BELLO uses recycled wool, avoiding in this way many phases of wool processing, potentially polluting, and reducing waste. Recycled wool retains all the benefits of traditional wool, from thermal properties to softness.
The brand also uses recycled boiled wool and recycled wool blended with 5% cashmere, for a softer touch.

Merino wool is a naturally breathable and thermo-insulating material, a zero-impact product, biodegradable and recyclable. The fibers are softer and smoother than those of traditional wool.
The merino wool used for RE-BELLO is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standars) and therefore completely organic.

Tyrolese wool is a very rough wool produced by sheep in the Tyrol and Alto Adige mountains and used mainly as a padding. Due to its roughness, it is not used in the textile field and normally unused wool is burned. RE-BELLO has decided to enhance this type of wool, using it as a padding for their fall/winter collections.

RE-BELLO prefers using organic cotton over traditional cotton, reducing its impact on the environment. Traditional cotton needs a lot of water to grow and absorb pesticides and insecticides in large quantities. Plantations make the land unproductive due to intensive exploitation. There are many collateral damages in cultivating traditional cotton, even for the workers themselves.
Organic cotton instead keeps the soil fertile, thanks to the rotation of the land, and does not use insecticides and pesticides, replacing them with predatory insects. Furthermore, the organic fabric is softer, more breathable and does not irritate the skin, since there are no chemicals in direct contact with the skin.
RE-BELLO organic cotton is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which certify the biological nature and therefore the absence of harmful substances.

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