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Sustainable yogawear for a positive and conscious lifestyle

MANDALA is a sustainable and ethical German yoga wear brand, founded in 2001 by designer Nathalie Prieger. The brand combines modern and sustainable yoga clothing with social responsibility, for a conscious and positive lifestyle. According to MANDALA, creating a trendy yoga collection is as important as an ethical approach and sustainable production. The brand claims to be the first one to have started producing sustainable yoga garments in Germany.

Sustainable yogawear for a positive and conscious lifestyle

Sustainable and fair production

Caring for the environment is a fundamental value for MANDALA, which has decided to use eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, tencel, modal, merino wool and fabrics obtained by recycling plastic bottles, avoiding any use of chemical additives. The clothes are manufactured in Turkey and Shanghai: the brand’s priority is to ensure high standards of working conditions and decent wages. To make this happen, the MANDALA team personally and regularly monitors its suppliers. It is also important for the brand to maintain lasting partnerships with its suppliers. MANDALA’s sustainable fashion is not only good for the final customers, but also for all the workers involved in the production chain. MANDALA produces its collections taking into account the sales performance to avoiding unnecessary overproductions.

MANDALA sustainable fabrics

Eco cotton Mandala
ORGANIC COTTON Mandala uses only organic cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or certified by Textile Exchange. Organic cotton does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, safeguarding in this way the environment and your skin. In addition, organic cotton is very robust, elastic and breathable and supports the natural functions of the skin.
Lyocell/Tencel fabric Mandala
LYOCELL/TENCEL® Lyocell is made of wood fiber, obtained through a sustainable process, without the use of chemicals. This fabric is softer than silk and fresher than linen. Producer: Lenzing Company, Austria
Recycled plastic bottles for fabrics Mandala
RECYCLED POLYESTER The recycled polyester used by MANDALA comes from the recycling of plastic bottles: a good practice for safeguarding the environment. This fabric is also particularly suitable for sportswear: it dries very quickly. Producer: Repreve
Eco fabric Modal Mandala
MODAL The modal used by the brand is made from Austrian beech wood. The production of this fabric is CO2 neutral, with energy and resource savings. Breathable, elastic and soft to the touch, the modal is ideal for sportswear.
Sustainable wool production Mandala
MERINO WOOL The merino wool used by MANDALA comes from New Zealand. Here, sheep lives in the prairies and are mulesing free. Merino wool keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Producer: Lanerossi
bio polyamide fabric Mandala
BIO-BASED POLYAMIDE This innovative fabric was introduced by MANDALA for the 2019 spring collection. The vegetable-based polyamide is produced starting from the oil extracted from castor plant seeds. The fabric obtained is 100% natural, sustainable and is an innovative alternative to traditional polyester, produced with oil. Furthermore, the bio-polyamide meets the technical requirements of a fabric created specifically for sports: it is flexible, elastic, breathable, dries quickly and it’s Memory Shape. The patented production of this fabric is particularly water-saving and respectful of the environment, with low CO2 emissions. The bio-based polyamide used by MANDALA is OEKO-TEX® STD100 certified. Producer: Brugnoli Fabric: Evo® by Fulgar


MUNICH Pestalozzistraße 21, 80469, Munich, Germany


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La collana acquistata è arrivata in una scatolina di cartone, con un fogliettino…??La collana è molto bella. Purtroppo però dopo 6 mesi di utilizzo, probabilmente a causa di prodotti cosmetici e profumo, la catena si è scurita. Essendo placcata argento e non completamente in argento, non c’è modo di pulirla.La collana è molto bella. Purtroppo però dopo 6 mesi di utilizzo, probabilmente a causa di prodotti cosmetici e profumo, la catena si è scurita. Essendo placcata argento e non completamente in argento, non c’è modo di pulirla.
Disegnatore web 74%
Disegnatore web 74%
Disegnatore web 74%

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