Sustainable Gate sustains the environment

Sustainable energy by renewables

Sustainable thinking

In our daily work, we follow all the good practices of sustainability. Recycling, reuse, good practices and ecological products are concepts that are inherent in our DNA.

Sustainable hosting and energy

Green energy

LifeGate Energy feeds our offices energy deriving exclusively from renewable sources (sun, wind and water), 100% Italian and certified, with residual CO2 emissions offset by the Impatto Zero® project.

Where does the electricity that reaches our homes, our offices and the places we love most come from? Much of this comes from fossil fuels that are being depleted, such as coal or oil, which produce large amounts of CO2 emissions.
Global warming and climate change are hot topics today, but concrete changes are needed to truly safeguard our future: small actions that we can all do.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”

Robert Swan

polar explorer and environmentalist

clean green energy

For this reason, at Sustainable Gate we have chosen clean and renewable energy for our offices. So we relied on LifeGate, whose energy comes exclusively from 3 renewable sources: hydroelectric, wind and photovoltaic.

A concrete example? In 2018 LifeGate obtained its energy for 81% from hydraulic sources and 19% from solar sources, of Italian production. In fact, the plants that supply renewable electricity are located right here in Italy.

Not only the energy we use comes from renewable sources, but it is also zero-impact: the already low carbon dioxide emissions that are generated are compensated. In fact, LifeGate adheres to Zero Impact®, the first Italian project that calculates, reduces and compensates CO2 emissions of activities and products. It does so by contributing to the protection of growing forests or energy efficiency projects.

More visits... more trees planted!

Good practices and renewable energy are not enough for us.

Starting from December 2019, we decided to join the ForestaMI forestation project, promoted by the nonprofit organization Rete Clima.

Sustainable Gate compensates for the CO2 emissions produced by its website by planting new trees in Milan, thus making its contribution to combating climate change.


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