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A special day to remember those you love: this year celebrates Valentine’s Day by giving a smile to your loved ones, near and far

Valentine’s Day is the feast par excellence for lovers, a special day to spend with your partner, doing something special or simply spending time together, in which to exchange gifts. This year, however, the pandemic and the local and national restrictions present in many countries, will inevitably change the face of this holiday as well. There will be couples who will have to give up a weekend out of town or a romantic dinner at a restaurant, while for others it will unfortunately not even be possible to meet in person. Alongside those who will have to spend this anniversary away from their sweetheart, there are also many singles who perhaps would have liked to spend the day with someone dear: a friend, or maybe their family. In the past year, unfortunately, the pandemic has forced most of us to see our loved ones less often or not at all.

We all need to rediscover our dearest bonds and remember that, even if distant, the people we care about can’t wait to be able to hug us again.

Valentine’s Day is the feast of love and, never like this year, this term must be considered as broadly as possible. There is no better day to surprise your partner with a sweet thought, but also to show your love from a distance. This year then, this special day can be an opportunity to give a smile to a distant friend whom you have not seen for months, and who maybe will spend the day alone without being able to leave the house, or to surprise the mother who, because of restrictions, you cannot embrace for so long.

Our sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day for 2021 look in this direction: on our showcase you will find many ideas for your partner, whether near or far, but also small gifts to show your affection to people. As always, then, our proposals are sustainable and ethical, to give something that demonstrates your love for the planet and for all the forms of life that inhabit it.

Browse our board with lots of sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and find the one that speaks for you, to show your love even if you can’t deliver your gift in person!

sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day Sincerely Yours
Sincerely Yours
Vegan cardholder in cork leather - €37
sustainable trench coat Siz
”Save the forest” upcycled trench - €250
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day Aide memoire jewelry
Aide-mémoire Jewelry
Ring holder necklace in gold - $375
Sustainable women clothes francis stories
Francis Stories
Long reversible vest in superfine wool and alpaca wool - €350
sustainable women kaftan a perfect nomad
A perfect nomad
Handmade and handprinted organic cotton kaftan - £195
Sustainable women pants PURA Clothing
PURA Clothing
Certified organic cotton sweatpants - €85
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day Sustainable Gate
Sustainable Gate
Super soft organic cotton sweatshirt - £35
sustainable women long dress tonle
Maxi wrap dress in reclaimed jersey - $95
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day for her walk with me
Walk with me
Recycled leather bag - €68
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day Rainkiss
Rain poncho in recycled polyester - €69
sustainable engagement ring Shakti Ellenwood
Shakti Ellenwood
Fairtrade gold ring - £2,128.00
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day Emma Aitchison
Emma Aitchison
Recycled silver earrings - £98
Sustainable women clothes Tales of Anyday
Tales of Anyday
Sustainable panel dress in linen and viscose - €149
Sustainable women bag Allure Sauvage
Allure Sauvage
Crossbody bag in Piñatex - CHF 1,080.00
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day for her Olly Lingerie
Olly Lingerie
Bralette made of certified organic cotton & recycled lace - €59
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day for him Sustainable Gate
Sustainable Gate
Men’s organic cotton plain t-shirt - £19
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day Francy Jewel
Francy Jewel
Recycled silver necklace - €89,90
sustainable leather bag continew
Bag made of upcycled car seat leather - $191
Sustainable women apparel Asha Eleven
Asha : eleven
Sustainable Tencel dress - €50,54
sustainable wallet nuuwai
Vegan wallet made of apple leather - €50,90
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day for her Sustainable Gate
Sustainable Gate
Certified organic cotton t-shirt “I’m with nature” - £19
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day for him Sustainable Gate
Sustainable Gate
Men’s super soft organic hoody - £40
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day for him opera campi
Opera Campi
Men’s sweater made of hemp - €130
Sustainable men tshirt wrad
Men’s certified organic cotton tee - €50
Sustainable men shirt le modeste
Le Modeste
Men’s certified organic cotton shirt - €185
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day workshop one80
Personalised tag keyring made of recycled metals - £14
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day for him mnmur
Belt made of recycled tyres - €38
Ethical silk clothes The Ethical Silk Company
The Ethical Silk Company
Pyjamas in peace silk - €180
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day for him terra thread
Terra Thread
Fairtrade backpack made of organic cotton - $65
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day for him degree clothing
Degree Clothing
Organic cotton men zip sweatshirt - €87,96
Unisex sustainable fashion ifnotnow
Ganesh unisex sweatshirt - £45
sustainable men fashion altiir
Men’s biker jacket in Piñatex - £680
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day for her ifnotnow
Buddha sweatshirt made of organic cotton and recycled polyester - £45
sustainable men clothes zero waste daniel
zero waste daniel
Men’s sustainable zero-waste sweatshirt - $295
sustainable men fashion riz
Recycled polyester boardshorts - €115
sustainable shoes woowe
Sustainable shoes for men and women made of cork - €344
Organic socks conscious step
Conscious Step
Sustainable socks that give back- $14,95
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day for men skot fashion
SKOT Fashion
Sustainable black shirt - €99
sustainable gift ideas for Valentine s Day for him adam
Organic cotton boxer shorts - €24,95
eco lingerie olly
organic cotton boxers a dam

Among our favorite proposals for sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, you will find one of the undisputed great classics of this holiday: underwear and lingerie.

It can be the perfect gift for your partner, whether they spend the day with us or to remind them that we can’t wait to see them again!

For a woman, we can only recommend the bralette by Olly, available in three different colors and combinable with shorty and panties for a truly irresistible outfit. This splendid bralette comes from the combination of two fabrics, both environmentally friendly: GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled fiber lace. Even the dyes used for dyeing the garments are certified Oeko Tex® 100 and are therefore free of harmful substances and safe for the health of the wearer. Finally, all the products of this brand are made in the European Union, supporting local producers and limiting emissions related to the shipment of garments.

If you are looking for sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day for him, then we recommend the boxer by A-dam: in our showcase you can find those decorated with an astronaut texture, but on the website you can find many different patterns to choose from, all truly original! Again, the boxers are made of GOTS certified organic cotton and are comfortable and soft on the skin!

Other sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that will make you play it safe? Jewels, perfect for your partner but also for a friend you haven’t been able to see for a long time!

The FrancyJewel necklace , for example, is ideal both as a gift for your sweetheart, and for a dear friend, or even for mom! Inspired by the quote from Hugo Von Hofmannsthal “a feather can turn a pebble, if the hand of love leads it”, the symbols contained in this necklace cannot fail to strike those who will receive it as a gift. Made of eco-sustainable 925 silver, this necklace leaves no detail to chance: even the pearl is worked in compliance with the highest environmental standards in the Swarovski laboratories and is certified both from an environmental and social point of view, because the Swarovski Foundation promotes the cultural, environmental and social development of populations living in conditions of risk and poverty. Furthermore, all the jewels of this brand are handcrafted in Italy.

Do you prefer a pair of earrings? We recommend you those of Emma Aitchison handmade using recycled metals: these earrings create shapes that want to convey an important message, symbolizing the contrast between water and plastic that today represents an increasingly serious form of pollution. By purchasing the jewels of this brand, you are also supporting the association Survival International committed to the defense of indigenous peoples, to which 5% of each sale is donated. 

recycled silver necklace France jewel
ethical jewels Emma aitchison

Are you looking for the ideal garments for these last winter months that, even in this case, can be sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day suitable for your sweetheart but also for a friend or another loved one?

Both among the women’s and men’s clothing proposals you will find our Sustainable Gate super soft sweatshirts, made from GOTS certified organic cotton in an ethical and sustainable way. The proposals you find on the showcase are more neutral in the male version, with plain color and available in three colors, and more personalized in the female one which contains one of our favorite quotes. On the dedicated website you will find many other sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day to inspire you: slogan t-shirts, plain items, but also accessories and clothing for children. By purchasing these products, you support us in our research and selection of sustainable fashion brands from all over the world, to always receive new inspiration and advice for purchases!

A perfect idea for the gray and rainy days of late winter? The Rain Kiss poncho, among the sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, is perfect for a girlfriend or a friend who may live far away and in mild climates. In fact, thanks to the one size, it is the ideal choice for a gift to be delivered at a distance without running the risk of making mistakes! It is also made entirely of recycled polyester, to face the bad days without impacting our planet: once the poncho is no longer used it is completely recyclable again!

sustainable poncho rainkiss

And for him instead? Among our sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, you can find the Opera Campi sweater made from 100% hemp, a natural fiber with zero impact because it does not require the use of pesticides or dyes: a new frontier of sustainable fashion! Furthermore, hemp is a naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odor material, perfect for any season because it helps the natural thermoregulation of the human body. This, too, is an entirely Made in Italy garment, elegant and comfortable.

sustainable men sweater opera campi

Finally, one of the classic gifts for Valentine’s Day is a weekend away, a romantic getaway that makes this day truly special. And if this isn’t possible this year, why not make a promise for the future?

The fact that today, in many areas and countries, it is not possible to leave your region or area of residence does not mean that you cannot make plans for when this will be possible again in complete safety! This is why among our sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day you will find some proposals that seem made for travel: they can be the ideal gift, perhaps accompanied by an open date travel ticket!

For example, in our board of sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day for him, you will find the backpack by Terra Thread: this unisex model can already be used today to go to the office, but tomorrow it will be the perfect hand luggage for the first flight that you can redo together! This backpack is Fairtrade certified and is made of a particularly resistant GOTS certified organic cotton. Furthermore, thanks to the brand’s partnership with Feeding America, 20 meals are guaranteed to needy families in the United States for the purchase of each piece. Finally, this backpack is a Carbon Neutral product because the CO2 emissions related to it are compensated with dedicated projects, such as the installation of photovoltaic panels and a reforestation project, both carried out in India. In short, a gift that brings with it high values of eco-sustainability and a truly romantic promise!

Are you looking for a purely feminine and suitable gift idea, for example, to spend a day discovering a new city, bringing with you just the essentials so as not to get heavy in the many kilometers to do by walking? Among our sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, you will find the bag of Walk With Me handcrafted in recycled leather Oeko Tex® and Global Recycled Standard® certified. To support local businesses, this brand includes a map of Madrid in all its orders: if this is the first trip you and your sweetheart would like to take when possible, there is no better and meaningful gift!

eco backpack terra thread
ethical bag walk with me

Whatever sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day have caught your attention, what is really important this year is not to be afraid to show your affection: for your partner, for a dear friend, for a relative and, above all for the planet we live on.

Choose a gift that speaks of love

from many points of view and get ready to spend a truly romantic day, even if perhaps different from other years!

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