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“How long will we have to wait before returning to normal, to our everyday life?” This is one of the questions that we have asked ourselves most often in recent months, hoping that the time needed will be as short as possible. But is returning to normal really the right choice? Is this really what we want after the global crisis linked to Covid-19 forced us, in Italy, to almost two months of total lockdown, followed by a gradual and fearful recovery?

Surely, we all can’t wait to leave this period behind us: the worry of getting sick, or seeing a loved one getting sick, the news of the collapsing intensive care units that have filled our days, the succession of images and distressing updates are sensations that none of us will ever forget. In Italy alone, over 32,900 deaths have been registered to date due to Covid-19. This period has been one of the darkest and most difficult in our contemporary history: the danger has crept into our cities, our streets, our workplaces and our homes in silence, without sensational acts or great declarations, changing our daily lives overnight.

Even from the worst times, however,
the human being can learn something.

Some of the lessons we learned are intrinsically linked to the emergency we have experienced, and which we are still living in part and will continue to live: pay more attention to our personal hygiene, avoid leaving the house if we are unwell, having more respect for others when we cough or sneeze in public. Next to these, however, there are other more “subtle” teachings that some of us have been able to grasp. As we lived confined to our homes, the world around us started to change. The air has returned to being cleaner, the small animals that live in our cities have repopulated the parks and sometimes even the roads. The waters of rivers and lakes have become clear again, dolphins and sperm whales have pushed themselves into the ports.

Will we finally be able to live in harmony with the world around us?

When shops lowered their shutters, we realized that many purchases that we usually make are, if not indispensable, at least very useful, but at the same time we did not really need that umpteenth cheap t-shirt that we would have purchased seeing it in the shop window. This restart can – and must – also become an opportunity to start acting differently from many points of view, not only those directly linked to health and hygiene rules. For example, it can be an opportunity to start thinking differently about our way of doing shopping and dressing, by focusing on quality over quantity. Building a sustainable wardrobe is a slow process, which can however revolutionize the way we consider the fashion sector and the purchases we make in this field.


wear your desire to change!

Did the end of the lockdown, and the gradual return to everyday life, make you want to cry out to the world your desire to change that “normality” that we so much yearn to return to? Choose from our proposals of garments and accessories some to be included in your sustainable wardrobe to highlight your desire to restart in a better way!

Fair ring Andrea Bonelli
Andrea Bonelli
Ethical grey labradorite ring with recycled gold - $360
Sustainable clutch bag 3QUARTERS
Upcycled vegan clutch bag - €60
Sustainable footwear Flamingos Life
Flamingos’ Life
Sustainable hemp and organic cotton shoes - €99,95
Sustainable tee Rapanui Clothing
Rapanui Clothing
No Planet B organic cotton t-shirt - £19
Fair jewels ISHKAR
Sunrise ethical earrings - €196
Sustainable wardrobe for babies Colored Organics
Colored Organics
Certified organic cotton baby bodysuit - $18
fair accessories for a sustainable wardrobe Chila Bags
Chila Bags
Handmade bag - $170
Sustainable fashion Copie
Upcycled hip twist pants - €80
Sustainable wardrobe kids Mini Rodini
Mini Rodini
Organic cotton baby sweatshirt “Tutto bene” - €49
Sustainable wardrobe vegan bag Nuuwai
AppleSkin vegan bag - €147
Sustainable wardrobe save the earth Katharine Hamnett
Katharine Hamnett
”Save the Earth” organic cotton t-shirt - €60
Sustainable face mask ThokkThokk
Lyocell reusable face mask - €24,90
Sustainable womenswear Armedangels
Certified organic cotton t-shirt “Chance to change” - €29,90
Sustainable women dress Nude Ethics
Nude Ethics
Sustainable v neck dress - £93,50
Sustainable wardrobe for men zero waste daniel
zero waste daniel
Offcuts “creation” jacket - $495
Playsuit for a sustainable wardrobe eno black
eno black
Sustainable playsuit made of deadstock fabric - $65
Ethical bags Chila Bags
Chila Bags
Handmade bag that supports the Wayuu tribe - $180
Organic safe face mask Hfs collective
Hfs collective
Reusable organic cotton face mask -$14,95
Sustainable wardrobe for women upcycled jacket SIZ
Upcycled “Let’s cool down” jacket - €200
Sustainable footwear Comovita
Sustainable sneakers “Choose the change” - €147
Reusable eco face mask Kluntje
Sustainable reusable face mask - €15
Sustainable wardrobe for men Katharine Hamnett
Katharine Hamnett
Make trouble organic cotton sleeves t-shirt - £60
Sustainable wardrobe linen top Beaumont Organic
Beaumont Organic
Sustainable linen top - £175
Sustainable wardrobe conscious lifestyle Ecoalf
Unisex sweatshirt in recycled fabric - €89,90
Sustainable baby masks Wooly Organic
Wooly Organic
Reusable organic cotton baby masks, pack of 5 - €22,50
Sustainable organic fashion Kluntje
Organic cotton tee “Fashion as a political choice” - €45
Sustainable sandals Asha eleven
Asha : eleven
Sustainable espadrilles made with upcycled fabric offcuts - £22,26

Go back to the outdoors

showing your love for the nature that surrounds you

After so many weeks locked up within your house walls, can’t you wait to go outdoors, take long walks and do some sport activities? Our proposals for a sustainable wardrobe also include many solutions for these occasions: so, while running or walking in the nature, you can show her your love and respect with clothing that does not impact on the environment!

Sustainable women footwear Allbirds
Sustainable women’s sneakers - €135
Sustainable sportswear Bamford
Recycled polyester sports top - £65
Sustainable wardrobe eco fashion Jan n June
Sustainable shorts – €65
Sustainable yoga clothes Mandala
Certified organic cotton women’s sweater - €99
Sustainable face mask Nukak
Recycled cotton face mask - €12
Sustainable kidswear Mini Rodini
Mini Rodini
Organic cotton baby sweat shorts - €42
Sustainable men fashion Organic Basics
Organic Basics
Recycled men’s active tee - €74
Sustainable wardrobe for men Bruce
Sustainable men’s t-shirt - $70
Sustainable wardrobe organic tee dress Aiayu
Organic cotton tee dress - €85
Recycled plastic backpack Ecoalf
Recycled plastic bottles backpack - €109
Sustainable wardrobe yoga Carlotta Redaelli
Carlotta Redaelli
Organic cotton sleeves yoga tee - €89
Eco bags Dzaino
Weekender bag made of jeans leftovers - €195
Sustainable wardrobe kids Ecologyst
GOTS certified organic cotton kids tee - $22
Recycled legging Ecoalf
”Because there is no Planet B” recycled legging - €85
Sustainable men footwear Indosole
Recycled men’s beach slip-on - $50
Sustainable men fashion Degree
Organic cotton men’s shorts - €49,99
Sustainable wardrobe organic pants Ninety Percent
Ninety Percent
Organic cotton boy-fit jogger – £95
Eco sunglasses Proof
Sustainable sunglasses - $45
Sustainable wardrobe vegan footwear All My Eco
All My Eco
Vegan sustainable sneakers – €99
Sustainable wardrobe women babaa
Wool trousers - €155
Sustainable yoga shorts Mandala
Certified organic cotton women’s yoga shorts - €79
Sustainable dog accessories Hiro and Wolf
Hiro + Wolf
Organic cotton dog lead – £39
Reusable face mask Cassandra Elizabeth
Cassandra Elizabeth
Bamboo face mask - $15
Sustainable yoga wear Mandala
Bio polyamide yoga bra - €59
sustainable sportswear Girlfriend Collective
Girlfriend Collective
Recycled high-rise pocket legging - $78
Sustainable wardrobe sweatpants Ninety Percent
Ninety Percent
Organic cotton women’s sweatpants – £110
Sustainable wardrobe for summer Bamford
Handwoven sustainable sun hat - £150
Eco flip flops Indosole
Sustainable women flip flops - $32
Sustainable swimwear Mara Hoffman
Wardrobe of Tomorrow
Recycled one-piece swimsuit - £245

Back to work?

Yes, but in a more sustainable way!

For a long time you have worked in smart working but now it is time to gradually return to the office and take part in meetings. Take advantage of it to review your more formal outfits, build a sustainable wardrobe and bring your desire to change the way you dress also to the office.

Organic bomber for a sustainable wardrobe Yunit Studio
Yunit Studio
Unisex bomber in organic cotton - €99,95
Organic black jeans Haikure sustainable wardrobe
Organic cotton black denim - €145
Sustainable menswear wardrobe Armedangels
Organic cotton men’s sweater - €89,90
Eco face mask Armedangels
Sustainable and reusable face mask - €10
Sustainable shirt ABCH
Sustainable linen unisex shirt - $275
Sustainable Pinãtex men’s biker jacket - £680
Sustainable upcycled backpack Smateria
Repurpose nylon backpack - $68
Eco jewels for a sustainable wardrobe ELK
Handmade wooden bracelet - $36
Sustainable face mask Bleed
Organic cotton and Tencel face mask “smile inside” - €9,90
Sustainable bag Miomojo
Certified sustainable vegan bag - €109,90
Organic coat for a sustainable wardrobe Jan n June
Certified organic cotton light coat - €150
Sustainable wardrobe for men Ecoalf
Organic cotton long sleeve men’s shirt - €89,90
Sustainable watch DanMez
Conscious watch with Pinãtex strap - €189
Sustainable wardrobe for eco men Jan n June
Tencel man’s blazer - €175
Eco bracelet CLED
Sustainable bracelet with recycled glass bottles charm - $175
Reusable eco face mask Dzaino Studio
Dzaino Studio
Upcycled cotton reusable face mask - €15
Reusable organic face mask Jan n June
Reusable face mask made with organic cotton offcuts - €9
Sustainable men shoes House of Z
House of Z
Organic cotton men’s sneakers - $119
Sustainable jewels Bar Jewellery
Bar Jewellery
Recycled silver plate necklace - £115
Sustainable scarf Cloth Co
Cloth & Co.
Hand loomed linen scarf - $65
Sustainable wardrobe for men Ecologyst
Organic men’s tee GOTS certified - $55
Sustainable men fashion Ecologyst
Organic men’s t-shirt GOTS certified - $44
Sustainable women bag Mashu
Wardrobe of Tomorrow
Sustainable and vegan bag - £460
Eco coat Filippa K
Filippa K
Wool coat with recycled polyester lining - €450
Eco shoes Evea
Sustainable footwear - $90
Sustainable bag for a sustainable wardrobe Ecologyst
Sustainable tote bag - $96
Sustainable polo shirt Absolutely Bear
Absolutely Bear
Organic cotton men’s polo shirt - £50

After months of imprisonment in our homes we learned to give more value to small daily moments that we had long underestimated: a family lunch, a chat with friends, a simple walk in the open air.

In this period, we have redefined what is “essential” for us, re-evaluating all that for so long we have mistakenly taken for granted.

So, that normalcy to which we so much wanted to return, also began to intimidate us and we began to ask ourselves if it really was as perfect as we remembered it. In 1960, plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz set the time that the human mind takes to create a new habit in 21 days. Subsequent studies have highlighted the need for a longer time, which is expected on average over 66 days. A period of time which, in any case, has largely passed since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency: this has led us to consider at least in part the new reality as normal.

At the same time, we realized how many things did not go in the right direction in what we had called “normality” for so long: the rhythms of life so tight that we never had time to appreciate the small moments of everyday life, the need to homologate ourselves to society’s standards, the frantic race towards consumption, the need to show off a new outfit for every weekend, event or business meeting. Of course, there are some (many) aspects of everyday life to which we rightly wish to return: the opportunity to move freely, to spend time with our loved ones, to take public transport without fear, to cross the door of a shop without having to disinfect our hands, to fearlessly embrace a friend. But, at the same time, there are other aspects of the so-called normalcy which, justly rightly, many of us do not miss. Our normal life habits, in fact, not only make our days hectic, but also irreparably impact on the environment and the world around us.

So, this restart can turn into an opportunity to change our concept of normality for the better. Only in this way can this crisis that we are going through have had, among the many terrible negative consequences, also positive repercussions. A first step in this sense may be to decide not to go back to buying a new item of clothing for every social occasion we live; learning instead to appreciate what is already present in our wardrobes, enriching it with beautiful and ethical clothing items and thus building a sustainable wardrobe over time.

“We should not go back to normal, because normal was the problem”


Andrea Bonelli
Ethical grey labradorite ring with recycled gold – $360

In our first board, dedicated to the restart after the Covid-19 emergency, you will find many proposals that will allow you to express your will to build a new and better normality.

These can be discreet accessories, which become a symbol of rebirth and of a newfound awareness: a gift to give yourself or to someone else to donate a smile after this difficult period.

One of our favorite proposals in this sense is the ring by Andrea Bonelli, composed of a labradorite set in a recycled gold circle and mounted on a silver ring. In addition to choosing a jewel made with recycled and sustainable materials, by purchasing this ring – or any other product of this excellent American craftswoman – you will contribute to supporting the Toolbox Initiative, a program that helps jewelry makers in West Africa by providing them with tools for their daily work. The perfect gift for someone you love (or why not, even for yourself!), which allows you to support an artisan who works respecting the environment and the workers who work in the supply chains of the raw materials she uses.

Want to focus instead on a piece of clothing?
Choose something original, practical and extremely versatile, perfect for your new sustainable wardrobe!

The Hip Twist model by Copie is a garment that brings along all these qualities. Made by reducing fabric waste to a minimum and speeding up production times while respecting an artisanal production process, this trouser-like garment is made entirely of recycled cotton from production waste. The production takes place locally in Lithuania and is made ethically. This garment is the perfect solution to leave the house and start enjoying your free time: it is light and comfortable, perfect for the coming summer season, easy to wash both by hand and in the washing machine and does not need to be ironed!

Once removed, it can be literally opened, representing the perfect solution to wear over the swimwear because it turns into a fantastic beach towel. It can also become a warm scarf, in the colder days. Versatility and recycling of waste fabrics are the cornerstones of this brand, which produces exclusively on order to avoid any possible waste!

Upcycled hip twist pants – €80

A fundamental accessory to be able to restart leaving home safely is the protective face mask.

Become an indispensable object to reduce the risk of contagion and to be able to move freely again, the protective mask is rapidly changing into a plague for our environment. In an attempt to protect ourselves, in fact, we have created yet another great danger for the world around us. Together with polyethylene gloves, the face mask has become one of the objects that we often see abandoned on the ground at street corners, in lawns and parking lots, next to shop doors and on our beaches. An alternative solution to ensure the necessary protection, circulating in compliance with local regulations and not impacting on the environment (and on the wallet), is to purchase a reusable and washable mask to replace the classic disposable one: the perfect accessory for your sustainable wardrobe.

The HFS Collective face mask is available in two different materials, both ecological: organic cotton and recycled denim. Made by hand in a practical unisex model, with a starting price of around $13 and the possibility of being washed after each use, this mask not only drastically reduces the number of waste produced but also allows a huge saving compared to the disposable models.

And for the little ones?
There is the Wooly Organic face mask, a perfect solution! Available in various sizes for children from 3 to 13 years, it is made entirely of organic cotton and is sold in practical 5-piece packs, to always have a clean one available for all the little ones at home. Within our selection, you will find many other models of protective masks to choose from, always with one goal: to ensure effective protection with a very low environmental impact!

For a long time, did you remain closed within your home walls and did you have to entrust all your thoughts only to digital media? The time has come to express your opinions out loud!

sustainable men t-shirt Rapanui Clothing
Rapanui Clothing
No Planet B organic cotton t-shirt - £19
organic tee change Armedangels
Certified organic cotton t-shirt “Chance to change” - €29,90
organic kids fashion Mini Rodini
Mini Rodini
Organic cotton baby sweatshirt “Tutto bene” - €49

What better way to do it than by letting your clothes speak for you?
Entrust your thoughts to your sustainable wardrobe: you just have to walk on the street to remind everyone – even from a safe distance! – that the planet that started to heal during the pandemic must not become our victim again! The Rapanui men’s t-shirt, for example, does it perfectly: made in organic cotton, it clearly reminds us that there is no “Planet B”.

For a female model, instead what better choice than the organic t-shirt by Armedangels? This t-shirt clearly highlights the change we need to make to the so-called normality, so that the recovery we are experiencing can be really, completely, positive: certified GOTS and PETA approved, this t-shirt certainly does not limit itself to expressing the change only by words! A sustainable wardrobe can be full of clothing such as these, which are not only made ethically and responsibly, but which clearly communicate it to anyone you meet, also encouraging many other people not to be afraid of changing habits in terms of fashion!

Finally, the “talking clothes” obviously exist also for the little ones. In Italy for weeks we have seen children’s drawings attached to balconies, gates and palisades to reminded all of us that “everything will be fine”. Precisely this message of hope is also printed clearly on the suit by Mini Rodini, made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and printed with the Italian flag and the iconic word “tutto bene”. A truly unmissable item of clothing within the sustainable wardrobe of the little ones!

Our second board is dedicated to the sustainable wardrobe of the most sporty ones and is full of practical and comfortable clothes to get back to move in the open air!

women eco legging ECOALF
”Because there is no Planet B” recycled legging - €85
sustainable men sportswear Organic Basics
Organic Basics
Recycled men’s active tee - €74
sustainable kids wear Mini Rodini
Mini Rodini
Organic cotton baby sweat shorts - €42

Here, you will find many perfect proposals to move freely, with models for men and women, without forgetting of course the younger ones!

Leggings, for example, have been the faithful companions of many women in the lockdown period: perfect for staying at home in comfort, they have replaced jeans and skirts for weeks. But now is certainly not the time to put them in the drawer, quite the contrary! Choose a new model to be included in your sustainable wardrobe, to leave the house and move freely, respecting nature. Whether you use it to go back to the gym or to go for a run at the park, the Ecoalf sustainable legging is among our favorites: not only is it practical, comfortable and made with recycled materials, but it is also another example of a garment to express your ideas out loud, thanks to the writing “Because there is no planet B” which runs all the way down the leg.

Within the men’s proposals, however, we recommend the Organic Basics recycled t-shirt. This model, in fact, gathers all the perfect characteristics for a sports garment to be inserted in your sustainable wardrobe: it is made of recycled nylon, it is produced in an ethical way with respect for workers, it is cruelty-free and PETA Approved and it is subjected to a specific treatment called Polygiene®. This specific treatment for sportswear, Bluesign® certified, ensures that the garment does not give off bad smells even when you sweat, thanks to the silver salts that prevent the formation of bacteria. All this, always guaranteeing respect for the environment, because Polygiene® does not release harmful substances when the shirt is washed and allows to reduce the number of washes required.

And for the sustainable wardrobe of younger athletes?
Among the many proposals in our board, we recommend you the very nice shorts by Mini Rodini: decorated with a pattern of octopuses, they are made of GOTS certified organic cotton and allow children to move and play freely!

You are not a great sportsman but after months of imprisonment within your house walls you too can’t wait to go back for a walk outdoors?

Also in this case, in our board you will find many proposals perfect to enrich your sustainable wardrobe. After weeks of slippers, for example, choosing a really comfortable pair of shoes to get moving again is essential to avoid foot problems. Among the women’s models, we recommend for example the Allbirds sustainable sneakers: they are made entirely of natural, breathable and light materials, which combine environmental sustainability and excellent sporting performance.
After the months spent at home, even the first exposure to the sun should be approached with caution. A perfect item is the sun hat by Bamford, handmade by a family-run company that has supported Ecuadorian weavers for decades. Its wide shape makes it the perfect accessory to insert in your sustainable wardrobe for the coming summer!
For weeks, finally, the walks with our dogs were the only short outings that we could afford. Now, with the gradual return to normal, it is certainly not the time to stop taking beautiful walks together! The leash by Hiro and Wolf is the perfect accessory: handmade in England it is made of organic cotton and vegetable tanned leather, without the use of toxic substances harmful to humans and the environment. On the brand website, you will also find the coordinated collar!

sustainable women footwear Allbirds
Sustainable women’s sneakers - €135
eco sun hat Bamford
Handwoven sustainable sun hat - £150
eco dog leash Hero and Wolf
Hiro + Wolf
Organic cotton dog lead – £39

In our third - and last - board you can finally find some more elegant and formal clothing proposals, perfect for bringing with you, returning to the office, all your desire for a better and more sustainable daily life.

For months, the luckiest of us have been able to work in smartworking. Now, with the gradual recovery of our daily habits, we have started to gradually return to the office: this period has however allowed, even in a country like Italy still not accustomed to this way of working, to introduce smartworking into our routine. This with the obvious positive repercussions on the environment as well as on the organization of our days: fewer displacements have generated less traffic and less pollution. In the hope, therefore, that those who can continue to integrate some smartworking days into their work habits, it will certainly not be possible to eliminate the need to go to the office every now and then, for example to attend meetings.

Repurpose nylon backpack – $68

The perfect accessory for these working days is the sustainable backpack by Smateria. Ideal for going back and forth from the office with everything you need for the day, it is available in six different colors to adapt to everyone’s tastes. It also has two external pockets and one internal with zip closure, to always have small objects such as mobile phone, hand sanitizer, house keys, etc. at hand, safely.

Like all the products of this brand, the backpack is handmade in Cambodia, guaranteeing fair working conditions for the craftsmen involved: no discrimination, fair wages with the recognition of annual bonuses, 5-days working weeks (against the local standard of 6) with 8-hour days, recognition of family leave and longer maternity periods than the national standard, company kindergarten, training courses for employees and paid holiday leave.

Even the raw materials used in the production process are carefully selected: the nylon used for this backpack, for example, is recycled, to ensure the least possible environmental impact. Finally, the finished product does not contain raw materials of animal origin, making it perfect also for vegan customers.

Now that the time has come to abandon the much-loved pajamas worn 24/7 during the lockdown weeks, in our clothing proposals to be included in your sustainable wardrobe you will also find some perfect garments for conferences and business meetings.

The linen shirt by A.BCH, for example, is a unisex model, perfect for a formal outfit even with the arrival of hot days. In fact, it is made of fresh organic GOTS certified linen and spun with a zero impact process from the point of view of CO2 emissions. The brand also provides a recycling service for the used garment, which allows you to give it a new life even when it is ruined or, simply, you are tired of wearing it: by returning the used shirt (shipping costs are covered by A.BCH!), you will get of credits to be used on the online store. The shirt, based on its condition, will be repaired and resold as used or will be recycled to produce new clothing. Even if you do not want to proceed with the return, the shirt is almost entirely compostable: in any case, the environmental impact of the product at the end of its life cycle is very low!

ethical unisex shirt ABCH
Sustainable linen unisex shirt - $275

In the last few weeks have you unlearned to manage the fast pace of daily life? We have the solution for you!

The watch by Dan & Méz is a classic and timeless model, also suitable for more formal contexts. Made by hand, it is the perfect match of Swiss technology and sustainable materials, such as Piñatex, used for the strap. Piñatex derives from pineapple leaves and is the perfect vegetable and vegan alternative to leather and animal skin.

In addition to the products suggested here, on our boards you will find many other proposals to face with a new spirit the gradual recovery of everyday life after the lockdown imposed by the Covid-19 emergency. Building a sustainable wardrobe is a slow process, because it does not mean throwing away everything you already have to replace it with ecological garments. In fact, waste is never the solution! Your garments will then go hand in hand with your new purchases, finally made considering additional variables over price and aesthetics: raw materials used, production process, working conditions of producers, environmental impact etc.

vegan watch Dan Mez
Conscious watch with Pinãtex strap - €189

What better time than this to start this


Building a new normal is possible,
with one sustainable wardrobe at a time!

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