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“CasaGIN, our commitment to the environment”

The sustainable fashion brand CasaGIN was born in 2017 in Padua, from the strong desire to create something positive for people and the planet. The sustainability of the brand merges with another very important and qualifying element of CasaGIN: the Made in Italy. This is an ancient tradition that comes to life in every garment, thanks to a network of local Italian companies that transform textile work into a manufacturing art.

CasaGIN is therefore synonymous with  sustainability, Made in Italy and quality, but also of design and well-being. Suitable for those looking for a healthy, natural and conscious lifestyle, the brand offers sustainable underwear and ecological clothing, created with care and with love for the Earth.

The brand really wants to make you feel good and at home, hence the name CasaGIN, where GIN are the initials of three keywords: Genuine, Innovative, Natural.

Would you like to buy CasaGIN sustainable garments? You can find them on the company’s e-commerce or you can also find them in about fifty stores scattered throughout Italy.

“CasaGIN, our commitment to the environment”

eco apparel CasaGIN

“We wanted the best
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Sustainability, wellness and Made in Italy

Conceived as a positive place of well-being and harmony, CasaGIN creates sustainable products that are good for the health of the body and the Earth too. Thus, the first project of the brand was the underwear: garments that first come into contact with our skin and it is therefore important that they are natural, healthy and free of toxic substances.
On the brand’s website, you can find a varied assortment of underwear for women and men in natural, biodegradable fabricsStandard 100 by Oeko-Tex® also certifies that the dyes used are free of toxic chemicals and not harmful to human health.
The production processes are sustainable and ethical and use renewable energy obtained from photovoltaic panels that feed the production plant. It is equally important for the brand to reduce the consumption of water, energy and carbon dioxide as much as possible: “Without major changes in production processes and consumption patterns, the social and environmental costs in the sector will continue to increase: it is therefore necessary a new way of thinking”.

To produce carefully the products of the sustainable fashion brand CasaGIN, there is an all-Italian network made up of small family-run companies and 0 km suppliers who create garments with passion and attention to detail: from the processing of the yarns to the dyeing, from the creation of the models to the actual cutting of the fabrics, up to the final assembly and packaging. This is what can be called the true Made in Italy, a guarantee of quality!

Genuine innovative and natural materials

CasaGIN is constantly looking for increasingly sustainable and innovative materials and a production model aimed at circularity. Thus the brand’s collection is enriched with ever new compositions, from the fabric made in Econyl for the swimwear line to the GOTS certified organic cotton for the socks, to the recycled wool felt for an exclusive line of slippers. All this, always keeping in mind its fundamental values, authenticity, innovation and love for nature.
The brand has tried and tested all the best solutions for the skin and the environment, thus coming to use sustainable and biodegradable natural fibers such as those made from beech and eucalyptus wood, but also recycled fibers from plastics and nylon.

With beech fiber, CasaGIN manufactures its underwear, socks and clothing collections. The beech fiber fabric, registered trademark with the name of TENCEL™ Modal by the Austrian company Lenzing, is produced through sustainable and responsible processes from raw timber, coming from certified, sustainable and controlled sources. The fabric obtained from it is particularly soft, pleasant in contact with the skin and resistant, capable of absorbing body moisture giving a fresh and dry sensation.

EUCALYPTUS FIBER Even from eucalyptus trees a fabric can be obtained. This is the case for TENCEL™ Lyocell, also owned by the Austrian company Lenzing, used by CasaGIN for underwear, socks and clothing. The eucalyptus used comes from raw timber from forests managed in a responsible and sustainable way and its transformation into yarn is considered ecological. In addition, the production phase of the TENCEL™ Lyocell takes place in a closed loop cycle and 99% of the solvents used are recovered for the next cycle.The result is an antibacterial and breathable fabric, resistant and soft enough to give the sensation of touching the silk.

From sowing to its spinning in fabric, organic cotton maintains its organic nature, without coming into contact with harmful substances. The organic cotton used by CasaGIN, spun in Italy, is GOTS certified: this important international certification attests that the garments come from organic farming, monitors the ethical aspect of its processing and certifies its quality. The socks and t-shirts by CasaGIN are in organic cotton: soft, resistant, and hypoallergenic.

The sustainable fashion brand CasaGIN also offers sportswear and swimwear made with regenerated nylon: ECONYL®, an innovative yarn made from nylon waste collected from landfills and oceans. Fishing nets and other nylon waste create a regenerated yarn, which in turn can be regenerated and remodelled indefinitely. The resources of our planet are not infinite, CasaGIN knows this well and has therefore decided to use this innovative fabric, with countless technical characteristics. It is ideal for swimwear, ensuring perfect fit, breathability and protection against UVA rays, and sportswear, offering maximum comfort and environmental sustainability.

Not only regenerated nylon, but also recycled plastic bottles. There are many waste materials to be used to create something unique. So CasaGIN has decided to also introduce this yarn into its collections, for the more technical garments. The recycling process of plastic bottles uses 50% less energy than producing virgin material. Like nylon, plastic can also be reused indefinitely and allows the transformation of large quantities of waste into excellent yarns.

Inclusive sustainability

The sustainable fashion brand CasaGIN offers clothing and underwear for a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. From the smallest to the intermediate sizes, to the extra large and curvy ones, everyone can experience the feeling of having nature on the skin! CasaGIN truly gives everyone the comfort and warmth of home, thus promoting inclusiveness, because everyone has the right to wear healthy clothes for their body and the environment.

Sustainable Gate review

CasaGIN: Italian quality and sustainability for comfortable and healthy clothes.

CasaGIN: Italian quality and sustainability for comfortable and healthy clothes.

We tried CasaGIN underwear, swimwear and clothing, appreciating their simple and clean design and very comfortable fabrics! 
Unpacking our purchase, and touching with hand the slip and coordinated tank top, what struck us first is the softness of the beech fiber fabric. The sustainable underwear of CasaGIN made of this fabric is really, as they define it, caressing! And I can attest from personal experience that, even after several washes in the washing machine, each garment retains its softness! Excellent also the elasticity that gives a very comfortable fit. Another positive aspect: the small size of the internal labels, which are often too large and cause itching and discomfort.
If underwear is soft, swimwear is strong. Oh yes, because when touching the one-piece swimsuit, made of regenerated nylon (Econyl®), we immediately noticed its robustness, which time has confirmed. The swimwear design is elegant and minimal, with a wide neckline. As well as the taupe color of the underwear and the laces of the swimsuit, a beautiful color, suitable for all complexions.

The t-shirt, on the other hand, is part of an interesting project that CasaGIN wanted to join: the support for animals at risk of extinction. In fact, for each item purchased, the brand donates 10% to the WWF. As we know, there are many animals which, due to human activities, risk extinction. Our t-shirt with the inscription “BeBEAR” accompanied by a cute drawing of a bear, printed with water colors, wants to highlight an animal, the polar bear, among the most threatened by global warming. The “Stay wild” lettering on the back of the t-shirt reminds us – and those who follow us! – to stay in touch with nature. Like every item of the Italian brand, this too is ethically and entirely produced in Italy, through sustainable practices. The very soft material used is organic cotton, GOTS certified, and therefore chemical-free, natural, ethical and biodegradable.

Even the packaging, to be in line with the company philosophy, is completely sustainable. In fact, a recycled cardboard box is used for shipping. Inside, the products are enclosed in a fabric bag, which we will certainly reuse! A fully compostable bag, made of corn starch, finally seals each garment. Everything is accompanied by recycled paper cards that remind, even to the most distracted consumer, that he has purchased sustainable garments made with natural fibers and regenerated fibers that do not harm health and protect the environment and animals.

The shipment was very fast and traceable: it took one day with the DHL courier.

Our global experience with CasaGIN underwear, swimwear and sustainable apparel has been more than positive. We have certainly found a valid brand from which to buy eco-sustainable, comfortable and high quality garments, truly Made in Italy from the yarn to the finished product! And the project in support of the WWF demonstrates how the sustainable brand CasaGIN considers every aspect related to safeguarding our planet!

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