Sustainable Christmas gifts: come to the green side of the Holidays

Christmas is a magic moment: a day – but more generally a time of the year – to be kids again, rediscovering the pleasure of small things, finding the warmth of home and tasting the days that pass slowly around the table, or in front of the fireplace. If we think about Christmas, what we imagine are the elegant decorations, the soft snow that creaks under our feet, the sound of tearing wrapping paper, the laughter of the gathered family, the crackling fire and the shells of walnut that break. And, for most people, the first word associated with Christmas is “gifts”: but how many of these are sustainable Christmas gifts? 

With our proposals, you can be sure of giving gifts that are not only beautiful, but also good. Find the right idea for all your loved ones in our selections!

The great classics

For those who, even when looking for sustainable Christmas gifts, see everything in red and gold

Reindeers, firs, gold and glitter, red in all its shades, snowflakes, Nordic decorations… with our selection dedicated to traditional Christmas lovers, you will find many proposals to reinvent the great Holiday classics in an ethical and sustainable key!

The nature to wear

For those who choose to make sustainable Christmas gifts also to celebrate nature in all its forms

Tender as a bear, wild as a leopard, always to be protected like a bee and to be safeguarded as a rare plant: our wild proposals are suitable for all those who love nature in all its forms!

The minimal that conquers

For those who look for simplicity and naturalness in their sustainable Christmas gifts

Tired of the pomp and opulence of the Holidays? Do you want a gift that can be used all year round, simple and easy to match? In our selection for lovers of minimalist aesthetics and shapes you will find lots of ideas that look really good on everything!

Under its golden mantle, Christmas is also the feast of consumerism par excellence.

When December 25th is approaching, we often find ourselves with numerous gifts to buy, each of which must be suitable for a different person and must therefore present different characteristics. Even for the most organized, completing purchases with the right advance and finding an original idea that reflects the personality of those who will receive it it’s not easy. Every year, more and more people start their Holiday shopping with the best intentions: to find sustainable Christmas gifts, that can be also beautiful, original and, perhaps, at reasonable prices. But when the fateful date is approaching, and the list of purchases to be completed is still long, buying something on impulse online or in the nearest shop becomes a truly irresistible temptation.

And so, every year, we end up buying some low-priced little things, manufactured we don’t know where, we don’t know by whom, and we don’t know with which materials, mass-produced in an almost infinite number of copies that will end up under as many Christmas trees. A temptation that becomes even stronger when our gift is for someone who we know will pay little attention to these characteristics: thus, from an opportunity to transmit positive values and to make the right choice, Christmas becomes an insidious trap even for those who are normally more inclined to consider aspects such as ethics and sustainability during their shopping.

Even behind the glittering facade of Christmas, in fact, a dark side is hidden, which we should take into account when we decide how to celebrate and what gifts to give to those we love.

According to the Deloitte Christmas Survey 2018, for example, last Christmas the average expenditure per Italian family stood at around €540, in a mix allocated for 40% to gifts, but also to food, moments of conviviality and travel. As for the purchase of gifts, more and more Italians are taking advantage of online shopping options, especially from mobile, and buying opportunities at discounted prices, that traditionally come from abroad, such as Black Friday. While these are certainly positive data for the country’s economy and for the retail sector, be it physical or digital, they are also emblematic of the waste that Christmas holidays bring with them.

In this sense, in addition to market data, each of us can probably draw on his memory: how many of the gifts received last year have you actually used? How many are left forgotten in a drawer or a closet, or have been immediately thrown away or destined for recycling? How many of the gifts that you have made have suffered a similar fate?

If goodness is a word we intuitively associate with Christmas, the reality of the facts is quite different.

In a year that saw the rise of environmental issues to the daily news, we decided to try to reverse this trend and offer some suggestions to the growing number of people who, during their purchases, pay attention to the origin, to the production process and the materials that brought that finished product into their hands.

Christmas is perhaps the moment in which this becomes more difficult, but precisely for this reason it is also the moment in which we hope that our advice can be more useful. All the brands on our website respond to the values of environmental and social sustainability we believe in and now, with our Christmas selections, we have tried to give you further help, because we know that when the race for gifts opens, be quick and efficient is critical!

Our site, which was born this year, was created exactly with this intent: to help you find ethical and sustainable brands easily.

So, we tried to imagine three “philosophies” of living Christmas and, for each of them, we prepared a selection of articles really suitable for everyone, from the newborn grandchild to the grandmother, from the ecological boyfriend to the friend fastened with fast fashion.

Because Christmas can be a good opportunity to show friends and relatives that the world of ethical and sustainable fashion has nothing to envy, in terms of aesthetics and quality, to what we are used to see in the windows of shopping malls, indeed: a fabric of excellent workmanship, natural and sustainable, not only is good for the environment, but it is also a pleasure to wear!

At the same time, we hope that our selections can also help those who are on the other side: all those who approach these issues for the first time, perhaps to make a gift to a friend who is more attentive, but who does not know how to orient themselves in the vast world of sustainable fashion. We are sure that, with our proposals, you will be able to find what is right for you, and find out how satisfying it is to do good for our planet while you are shopping.

Are you the type of consumer who is attentive to ethics and sustainability, looking for a gift in line with your ideas, even for the fashion addicted friend who empty shops in the city centre every other day? Or you are not used to pay attention to these aspects when you shop, but do you have to choose a gift for someone you know will appreciate a commitment to do so? With our advice, it’s easier!

Whether you are looking for a gift that releases Christmas spirit, whether you prefer a more minimal style or that the link with nature remains the most important aspect for you, with our shopping tips you will find sustainable Christmas gifts for every taste!

In this way making your Christmas more sustainable and good is really easy!

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