Style tips for your sustainable shopping

Sustainability is love for nature: Valentine's Day is the ideal day to show it!

Celebrate love in all its forms, involving adults and children and wearing sustainable clothing. Here are some tips for you to be impeccable at your date with love.

love for nature and sustainable clothing
gift ideas for a sustainable Christmas by Sustainable Gate

Minimal or traditional? This Christmas, find the sustainable gift that's right for all your loved ones

The guide to Christmas gifts by Sustainable Gate is back: browse our boards and find inspiration to choose gifts that are beautiful, useful and do not harm the planet and those who live on it. From some minimal proposals to others in the typical colours of the Holidays, from unisex ideas to the most connoted ones, from children to pets, finding the perfect sustainable gift will be a breeze!

The manifesto for a Fashion Revolution reminds us what to ask to the fashion system

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Fashion Revolution Week, which this year will be celebrated from 22 to 29 April, let’s review the points of the movement’s manifesto to remember what, as consumers, we should not be afraid to ask and demand from the fashion system.

sustainable fashion and Fashion Revolution Week
guide to sustainable Christmas gifts by sustainable gate

At Christmas, choose your gifts without giving up your values!

The statistics tell us this, but also the common sense: the choice of Christmas gifts this year will be guided by many different and sometimes, at least apparently, conflicting instances. On the one hand, the desire to go back to living the holidays to the full and with joy, on the other an eye for prices but also for the quality and sustainability of what you buy. How to find your way around? Browse our boards and be inspired, to find sustainable gifts that can really be useful to those who receive them!

Pets and sustainability: a possible combination to be discovered

The number of pets in our homes is growing, as well as the expense we allocate to our four-legged friends. That’s why paying attention to sustainability issues even during the shopping dedicated to them is so important: from today Sustainable Gate tries to give you useful advice also from this point of view, with a new dedicated section!

sustainable accessories for pets
ethical and responsible fashion

Money, Fashion, Power: is it possible to revolutionize fashion paradigms?

Prices based on brand positioning, aesthetics designed to be continuously replaced, power concentrated in the hands of a few: these are some of the key points of traditional fashion that today require to be subverted. 10 sustainable brands tell us their recipe to do so.

7 Italian green influencers to keep an eye on

They have decided to share their time with their followers, travelling together the path of sustainability with optimism and commitment. Read the article and follow them!

What is greenwaashing
BeZen logo

Don't be fooled by greenwashing!

All tricks, no treats: learn the 3 what, why and how of greenwashing to steer clear of scheming. In this article posted by the BeZen platform, you will learn the mechanisms behind greenwashing and how to avoid it.

A Christmas for every style (and color!)

Every year, do you see at least one of your Christmas gifts being recycled or forgotten? According to statistics, this is normal. But from this year, with our advice and putting the right care in choosing your gifts, it is no longer inevitable! Browse our boards and get inspired to find sustainable and ethical and gift ideas suitable for each person on your Christmas list!

Surplus sustainable fabrics
Recovo logo

Deadstock fabrics
just a click away!

What if we told you that there is a platform that allows you to buy and resell deadstock fabrics with just one click? Recovo offers a large variety of surplus fabrics, including sustainable ones, to bring the circular economy a step closer. Textile waste is a real environmental crisis, so why not shop deadstock fabrics for your next collection and give them a new life?

This year on the beach, take all your love for the planet with you

From the choice of swimwear to that of sunscreen, from the behaviour to be adopted on the beach to the suggestions to give to the little ones: with the advice of Sustainable Gate you are ready to spend unforgettable days at the beach in the name of sustainability!

sustainable swimwear guide by Sustainable Gate

Fashion Revolution Week invites us to ask ourselves questions to change the fashion system

Who Made My Clothes? has always been the mantra of the Fashion Revolution: once again this year the dedicated global event reminds us not to stop at appearances in our clothing and accessories purchasing choices.

On Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate love in all its forms

The love between partners, but also the affection that binds us to our closest friends or to our family: in a year marked by distancing and by the lack of hugs, choose a sweet gift for all those you love!

flower for Valentine Day
sustainable Christmas gifts ideas

Christmas 2020: different, but still very good

Does having to do most of your Christmas shopping online put you in trouble? Follow our advice and be inspired by our ideas to find an ethical and sustainable gift suitable for all your loved ones!

Why choose Made in Italy sustainable fashion?

What is the true value of Made in Italy sustainable fashion? And does the consumer perceive it? Two exemplary experiences, those of CasaGIN and La mia Maglietta, demonstrate how much care and dedication it takes to create excellent garments, capable of gathering and reworking the legacy of the Italian artisan tradition. With a final exhortation to all sustainable fashion brands: always tell your story to make your products appreciated!

Made in Italy sustainable fashion article
Reset Sustainable Wardrobe after Covid-19 emergency

Reset! Let’s build a new normal after Covid-19 emergency

With the progressive end of the lockdown in the areas affected by Covid-19 emergency, it’s time to build a new concept of normality. In our boards, you will find many inspirations to create your sustainable wardrobe and do your part so that even our planet, and not only the human being, can continue its healing process!

On Valentine's Day,
let’s also love our planet

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your partner, that shows your love for her or for him, but also for the environment? Browse our boards and find the gift idea that will break through your partner’s heart!

eco-friendly Valentine's Day

Sustainable Christmas

Find many ideas for your sustainable gifts with our boards: be inspired and bring the magic of a “green” Christmas with you!

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